What is OnStone?
OnStone prints are made from reclaimed raw materials that are up-cycled and repurposed to innovatively create a simple beautiful art piece. The mx of reclaimed timbers and stone composite with specialist UK inks result in fine art quality image that is scratch free and water resistant, has uninterrupted depth and, as there is no glass, no reflection. The handmade OnStone prints are an individual and distinctive alternative to canvas, paper or glass prints, each with its own character and charm.

How long will my order take?
We usually ask for 10 days from order to delivery, however if you need it sooner make a note in the comments section.

How much will postage cost?
Delivery costs are flat-rate

We use Australia Post, Couriers or Fedex depending on your location.  

Standard - $16.50*
Express - $30 *

*Please note larger quantities will be priced on weight and will need to be quoted.

How is the plaque packaged?
We package our products in recycled materials (including the bio degradable beans) They will arrive in an OnStone gift box, that will protect the stones as well as present as a nice gift-wrapping alternative.

Marks on the Stone
Stone is a natural material that comes with small marks, bubbles, leaching and pour lines. These are unavoidable and need to be adopted as part of the character of the Stone printing.

Marks on the surface of the Print
These are mostly oil marks, from fingerprints or residual oils from when we seal the timber. The best way to get rid of oil is with oil, take a clean cloth and dip it in some olive oil. Dab off the excess and rub on the mark using a circular motion. Work the circles out and over the stone until the whole surface is covered. This should do the trick. If not, take a picture and send it in form some healing assessment.

How fragile is my stone print?
The image is scratch proof, however, it’s not invincible. Anything stronger than stone will scratch stone. The greatest vulnerability is when your stones are travelling. To protect them ensure the image face is well covered and there is no pressure directly onto the surface. Do not place anything on top of your stone print, this is a fine art print and not a glazed tile.

Where can I hang my stone?
All the normal places and wet places too, ie bathrooms, kitchens and patios. Condensation and steam don’t hurt the stone however exterior elements such as acid rain and harsh sun destroy anything over time.

How should I hang my stone?
The stone is semi-fragile so you need to treat it the same way you treat a glass image and hang the stone print on a secure hook/screw/nail. The stone will live forever so you don’t want to risk it on one of those 3M stick-on hooks as they give up the stick after a couple of years. Unless you’re planning to use the Shelf Hang 3M – they seem to have what it takes to hold on!

Returns and refunds
All our stone prints are made to order and we strive to deliver the best quality possible.

Each stone is custom made and printed with our design files, the bond between the three ingredients – ink, stone and wood are permanent and we cannot accept returns due to change of mind, taste or file quality after the goods have been produced. If your print doesn’t look as great as you hoped, reach out to us in some cases we can offer a reprint, if it’s a pre-production issue.

Damage during delivery
If your shipment is damaged or missing we will reprint and reship it to you. If you believe we sent you the incorrect product please reach out to us at [email protected]

Damaged at a later stage
This happens and we understand its heartbreaking. We recommend to hang your stones safely and not using adhesive hooks that do eventually give up and send the stones crashing. In saying that, it happens, like plate stones will break if they fall onto a hard surface. If you have a broken stone we can offer a 50% reprint price for the same image at the same size.

What is the size and weight of each plaque?
All stone plaques are A3 size 300m x 420m. As a guide the weight per plaque are 2.4kg (without boxed packaging)

Is A3 the only size available?
No, its not the only size available we are able to customise your plaques please reach out to discuss your needs further.

Custom Plaques
Can’t see what you’re looking for? Language names and wording can be adapted and changed to suit business, home, schools, etc please reach out to us to discuss your needs further.